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when we will. breaking news on non city residents of the tiny remaining dates clashed with police in a desperate attempt to stop american and john share from exploring the coyote dance the king's presence that is going on says his country's financial what a funny touching and anime russia off to get in the cold shoulder in china. and the world mourns month out of the death of the anti apartheid like cones of space and once i'm trying to write short. but that the sun africa. the i love watching us eat snacks and whitney and three. stop with the breaking news that the sound fancy franking credits s in north east. romania has been fined and cause she's afraid that between police and the course tape when trying to prevent us an e g john share from from exploring the shale gas in the area. let's cross the life man to nazis. on the blog. that was that the seychelles that she can join this man dies at least eight wheel hearing that said the happy clown shoes what is the ladies man. i walk the three lap. more whack but between the riot police and the character to the tobacco epidemic the
using them to the potato unconvincing. bought a selection of a city bolton been added into my new quote the stories with them. when it comes to the pavement in the upper don't read it because we know. we told you all in all governments going on to these potential new season is this. many fear the substances used in tracking the will accumulate in the soil and polluted groundwater and even the air while most of the chemicals will remain in this well for years. activists claim there are over a thousand documented cases of water contamination year drilling sites and that could impact people's health through sensory and respiratory damage. we will continue to follow the standoff between chevron and the locals include rushing and will have the latest updates for you both on air and online. eye feeling the protests in ukraine yet again. a delegation of euro mp has spoken and the crowds in kiev the protesters have three more days to be kept from government building. these false god. isn't it the delegation met with opposition leaders and mingled with the crowd with the intent of representative
to be scarce. in. new road to the yemeni government has cut outs from rapid city in conventional terms of the successful campaign the offensive against al qaeda al qaeda is to claim the funds to the province's if yemen. the response to golf course is quite predictable when i am al qaeda. of course or if your keys in the story if you like the commitment of forces whereas i am faced with a conventional almost what's interesting facts from yemen on the phone. the toxin in the past two years. their response will be to move away from convention will say that one before white from people in towns and cities which is what you do to contribute again. now he's very effective at killing or attacks on the way reporting on the worship is caught up in the crossfire. that is this is the amount of time all in all of the christian community. celia and religious officials played for action to protect finished kristin's with a group of still being held by rebel forces to bring its becoming just that. next let's take a couple of lists of focus and was having ukraine and rushes for mississippi love rob d
corporate america wants it. in washington dc the same socks are too. ask the current number one hundred city is put down their snacks allies and picked up picket signs to date. julie protests for better wage its goal the protest is to raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour which would amount to thirty one thousand two hundred dollars for a full time employee before taxes. countdown is just about eight thousand dollars above the federal poverty line for a family of four at the moment right now the minimum wage in the country is seven twenty five an hour in some states that number is much higher here but so is the average cost of the twenty eight states that the highest minimum wages. they range from eight dollars an hour in california and massachusetts to nineteen nineteen in washington. the photo washington st international airport might be the testing grounds for the future of minimum wage. the city of sea tac is the first in the street sweeper of a fifteen dollar minimum wage for last month voters passed the ballot measure that would do that. airport workers a pay raise
of them in particular its oriental and who has set the visit to the tent city that was set up here by the protesters position expressing the u s support for the at ukrainian opposition and for the protesters as well as internal and has also held talks with the kids caught the darling of the korean opposition among others that we have seen among the protesters on the square i were foreign ministers from sweden germany and the netherlands while atticus has hope that he had talks with europe will bring you all. i'm sure a new president essentially kinsey gets it the ultimate goal of the ukrainian protesting that is the current government and the president to step down in the interests of western politicians in what is essentially ukrainian domestic affairs has drawn some criticism. of utmost all that was echoed by russia's prime minister the beach with that injury a traditional pre new year culinary was with jim the senate. don't know. i can imagine how a gem and partners with a file. if russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held against general. i don't t
. bush mentioned local city of substance is used if rocky with kidman in the soil and gravel to the water table even go into the air. most of the chemicals were my demographic he is to come back to visit with the rover thousand documented cases of water contamination needed to dig sites with health impacts including sensory unrest but the damage of his trucking company that i'm the child until the end of the authorities worldwide stay silent about cracking precisely because of the possible causes. you might imagine in this country a window onto the oil is specifically designed to be a distinction because they know full well that all will be vigilant. is there an exaggeration of the potential problems they are overlooking a fact that the closely following the recent solo cd the limited by the society the two losing it. anz's his bicycle in the oklahoma in the on loan from things that going for thirteen years of law that started last dubstep attended a century to set him off to battle an increase in its duty to the zoo and it's a cool is that even being to live blog on wednesday to suit the
is the pretense with the protesters barricaded themselves in central city and willing to go anywhere band's recent statements by the prime minister by adding more fuel to the fire he said i quote that the fact that the protesters overtook some governmental buildings is that we assign all but identical design the country he also said that another quote that don't think we don't have the means to restore order in the state would take us only ten minutes. so j taxes to the government building again and upload. but on the other hand he also said that the government was ready to say that the site table would be well positioned to go see a lot of support this political crisis out. he also promised that a peaceful protest this will not be touched by the special forces by the police also boarding statements coming from the other side of political ads get the grades of the opposition. one of the leaders said that he expected to cut the police to storm the state administration building the water which the protest was captured yesterday secondly they tell which broke loose on a sunday it's changed the whole
to the tent city that was set up here by the protesters position expressing the u s support for the at ukrainian opposition and for the protesters as well as internal and has also helped close talks to britain tidy kitchen clock the darling of the korean opposition among others that we have seen that among the protesters on the square i were foreign ministers from sweden germany and the netherlands. it is because hope that he had talks with europe will bring you what i'm doing president essentially kids get sick the ultimate goal of the ukrainian protesting that is the current government and the president to step down in the interests of western politicians and what is essentially ukrainian domestic affairs has drawn some criticism however we haven't seen western politicians and ten to eighty thousand strong rally was held here in support of the fact that she didn't call the tip of the current ukrainian president can fix it a lot of observers are starting to raise their eyebrows at some of what they are calling answer to the vedic to fight the flu gear bike at the western of
still it's pretty much the knights had spent twenty thousand protesting in the central square the city administration building was taken over by the activist of a nationalist party they now describe it as the headquarters of the new revolution in boiling point here is the building of the administration of ukraine's president heard it during the day we saw enormous class is happening at this building the standoff continues with protesters and the police. i went to and i saw the situation which was straight off to a cute cute girl with the police the building organization of ukraine's president now under siege with several hundred riot policemen protecting the building the set of glasses so that the protesters did not reach inside and he's you're fuming as i sit in a bickering between them and the protests that. we walk it was all that really led to several hundred of them only did we see shattered glass can see i probably overdid some satin blouse on the ground to relax which were used if the bid to throw at the police several hours ago the protests as it tried to assault the building
for instance the surveillance of the mosques in new york city. almond after the policy of racial profiling was actually very popular among new yorkers. so is the reason enough to continue these practices because there's not enough push back. this is not really any good reason to continue racial or religious profiling in order to compile this list because i am as you mentioned earlier we haven't seen any reason that it is effective. there are people who are that's who. for example the boston bombers who maybe could have been caught if one for some and i were able to be given the leeway to focus on. other indications that sunday is a fact besides some of the listener derivative of the greater watch list. i'm at the same time we are seeing the rights of innocent people being infringed everyday and because their place on the watch lists for no reason and so for example a lot of these people can fly to attend to business matters to attend to personal matters such as funerals in a can do really heart breaking for these people. i mean ok says with a terror watch les has in fact produce the resul
man claims to be committed to reopening the supply route tomorrow in over one hundred cities across the united states fast food workers are expected to walk off the job in the latest series of labor actions by a low wage workers demanding better pay better benefits and better working conditions. primarily the workers are calling for an increased minimum wage which is currently seven point five an hour. president obama called for an increase in minimum wage as well to that speech. you know the current airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off. the still living at or building above poverty and that's why it's well past the time to raise the minimum wage than real by. last decade he rates the average bathroom worker has changed considerably it's no wonder teenager holding down his or her first job. today the average age of the fast food workers twenty nine more than a quarter of them are trying to raise a kid something it's virtually impossible to do with a full time job making only seven twenty five an hour the movemen
they can. there are taps but the waters off and dirty shortages are common the city's groundwater could be depleted in less than a decade. but for the poorest residents. it's as good as gone. shouldn't be talking about tomato and wanting to miss the second son of the books. it's a mental deficiency and that's not just some of its ten to twenty. the most useful to both of them belong to me it's a great time and when they get and is using. but here the evenings belong to cox. men gathered together to talk smoke and two the chosen escapes for a country that has precious few of them. but now he is keeping the water crisis simply have to wait another day. the final part he signed on to yemen. still other hand it's not leaving the promised land for good he's rude for me at least life was like everyday going to war. issues is rays lineup to head overseas the stronger the coronet and pushing them to seek my prospects of colic after meeting the dalai lama the subpoenas human was consent. the centers have taken on the axes and take cover in some blacks to cq investment from china the british prim
it in the national historical site and into the city burning province more than three hundred people attended the dance. the event was marked by the unveiling of the eighteen year high bronze statue of many teaching that though. the incident though the idea of term limits in school you get the prize giving these booties and a view them with a sound that he's making a poster to unesco for recognition which an in built at the words coach with the gear and clothing into comics site to be reckoned i would go to your site. thousands of people streamed to the humans and monastery ppd province on tuesday today to make to the king and most venerable which ended though. on the occasion of the seven hundred and fifth anniversary of his passing away is seen as one of the most important event of its use of protest you can get down. monastery is the place of worship for the game and the most venerable kenyan go to an end though was the founder of two pm sensex. he was also known as the talented anne morrow according to baby number two son up to seven hundred and fifth anniversary. you don't have to wait t
this is the follow up the situation the last time that i was in syria. i visited the city of homes where both he said. as what is people who are returning to the christian quartet showed me a mountain found in texas and spoke about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that its contents. the news media allegedly showing another rev an attack on a christian site in syria. this is the nineteenth. also don't want extreme need damascus steel position justified do so with claims the government raceway using it as a firing position inside the rebel within reach of our eyes on the scientists of all people would report to the lead in the attack on fees kevin and inside was an anglican priest from syria he says christians are being used to scan and for that. in the conflict thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and the local full of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from my home and hope we don't know anything about them. now one of the attack on the island the christian community in
stones and metal chains broke into the city council building and tried to storm the presidential administration. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators all the streets despite the month long ban on rallies in the center of kiev nazis lhc in the shift key is that now i like to tell us what is happening where you are what you see. what's safe to say that tensions are dying down here in the central thai capital although still it's pretty much the knights adds up to the number of people here it's not the hundreds of thousands anymore it's probably a ten twenty thousand protesting in the central square. i just walked across the city administration building which is just a few hundred meters from here on this this building was taken over by the activist of a nationalist party they now describe it as the headquarters of the new revolution and this building now resembles something of a full and jain people are very cheered dancing around it so that that that is the more that another boiling point here is the building of the administration of ukraine's president. i'm thirty eight during t
tracking this and tell the city killing at least four people since the scene began to see randall than one hundred and twenty five thousand people have died according to the uk based series entry for two nights. thailand's capital allowed hundreds of protests to santa the grounds of government house. he really had a really cool to finance that has gripped by cold for several days. demonstrations have been trying to break into the area says cents is a precious pieces have not displayed on the force the prime minister to step down. he softly said trying to ease tensions before the king who is revealed in time to embrace his last day on cents. how strongly denied accusations that its casting on which date to post on this form of blackmail. the album president says america is trying to force him to sign a security deal which would lead the u s troops to after twenty fourteen season as the company explains how one ecan was so reluctant. you wore getting alex is often harder than going in and nowhere does not hold more true than in afghanistan president obama promised to withdraw combat forces b
's debt is paid off . i know it from cities and rules can reach it this is auntie international the editor of britain's got the news papers relating to find flat out denying his paper a detailed response publishing revelations about the scale of global cement used to grill by parliament the committee which question of whether the paper is undermining national security zone sez center of the report it did get quite heated. well what the herring it was a lively at times that don't quite have the hang of it i think it's bad to say that this is the guiding the free press managing alonso who plays questions that at some of the questions i think london and raise some eyebrows secondly we had at one point an anti off i'm a three g d that you love your country now that will send me any question that is getting to be raising eyebrows we all say i had one np seemingly content some of the guardian this place is a peek at the snake and files can be king its secrets. add to the nazis as they listen to that. but united about the unique movement to remove one two with two phones that information to the d
the city administered to building which is being used by the opposition as a makeshift headquarters now if the police. well i've dissected it out and they would have to take it by forcing his protests and opposition say that they are ready to defend that position but they will say say they are ready for dialogue. one high profile opposition not to get the world heavyweight boxing champion vitali klitschko the country to the pool katie has been speaking to police officials he's urging them not to carry out what he calls it illegal orders he saying that this is a psychological ploy being used by the oath ortiz and urging the protest is not to respond to what he calls a provocation the market today it's for central kiev metro stations are also close to them i mixed up because all the forms of palms get it as a model so in the out the last hour or so the president that to get a cut that is set to meet with three for my ukrainian president of the costs of this week. late on tuesday in fact trying come to a political solution to this crisis or the moment we are simply waiting to see what happ
to lose. last taken over the city markets and they contribute to the problems. a culture where we have to put in lots of chemical inputs so they're not very helpful in the long run. in our jammies are now facing a lot of scrutiny around the world and that means more of the market will be opened at a chemical company is like the asx and dupont to manufacture seeds using the agenda says the seeds also happen to be cheaper to produce the cvs ad needed genesis seems really sort of fitting into the market going forward. well as us. if they are based on single trace it's going to create a problem. instead contribute to increasing our culture loss of the cold germs working for the ability to rehab and the plants and nature. and also develop severe chemical dependent on the back row. and can not only are they cheaper but they are by and large non regulated that this plane that person may be difficult to regulate that i'm no chemical company say there's no need for regulation because i haven't been any major safety issue so far when you make that argument any regulated. oh i think there have be
by christine to say by the rebels is because of the city government damascus has appealed for international efforts to free the captives mother agnes is a from serie a shipping contract with the rebel officials to try to resolve the situation. yesterday i had some contradictory statements. leaders of the pre tsunami deny involvement in the incident and contentment. they say it might have been carried out mike's team is great. it's a good time and spices from hand to the responsible entity led to the top announced that second from government forces. this is what the priests carrying on he told me anything they say they will send someone to check up on the needs and provide introduced to pray there alright the tulips report max this morning for maybe an anti militia raids that are spreading a wall the protest is the time of dutton has reportedly given out non group of islamists the beans if you notice the lack of government control which to live with his two nd round of the country. the title the news will not least of all the couple problems in the east as we've been reporting with a fully
in line to see the march was and the one of the center's recently i read in the city but riot police stopped them before they preach that the senate seat karate was met by anti fascist activities can see straight news about refugees be welcome in the country the central african republic has declared three days of mourning philippine the four hundred people killed in recent fights between christina she is a muslim rebels one thousand six hundred french troops being deployed back to stop the finance off to the un or the rice need for intervention in the country meanwhile critics say france is trying to sell these and domestic problems by getting info in the ministry of christ. as we examine the reasons the africa still cripple economies despite massive international financial. i do. i have to. i am. we often see the middle east is a place that's a term of revolution. people tell it seemed to be very fired up as well. masses of protesters to force a government ministries to shut down by storming the look you in waves. one such ministry is the kind of cool that of the american fbi which
the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob you knew you will will will will will will will. a thousand state mass protests in ukraine's capital kiev the position hopes to force the president from power by the fiji government quarter while foreign politicians fan the flames with statements of support for the demonstrations. some even travel to kiev to score on the nt government knew it. us oil giant chevron resumes drilling during village in romania. curious locals engaged in a bitter fight against the tracking site they say will destroy their livelihoods. though the boppy and equipment to remove one two with two police did not encourage them to the dogs the guardian newspaper offers a robust defence of his papers reported that the nsa surveillance and all was being grilled by uk parliamentary committee. in the i'm not too much mocked the time and take things for joining me. tens of thousands of anti government protesters gathered on sunday in central kiev forty massive rally the opposition says it's a decisive moment for the country's future is called supporters to stage mo
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